Solutions for lifting equipment in tight spaces

Specifications of 12 ton wheeled crane truck

+ Model: GR-120N-1

+ Brand: TADANO

+ Maximum lifting capacity: 12 tons

+ Maximum range 23 m 

+ Max reach height 30 m 

Dimensions: 7m long, 2m wide, 2.8m high

+ Weight of body: 13 tons

With the same specs as above and capable of 2-bridge navigation. The 12 ton wheeled crane is very suitable for moving, lifting and lowering equipment at position small spaces in workshops and small streets where self-propelled cranes or other specialized vehicles cannot do the job.< /span>

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Documents for hooking cables safely when using cranes

Crane equipment ensures technical safety and skilled operators only guarantee a part of work safety. In order for the job to be completed safely and quickly, the role of the cable hooker and turn signaler is extremely important. However, this issue has not been paid enough attention by many people, leading to many unfortunate accidents.